posted March 4, 2013

Peter Florrick pulled out a win against Maddie Hayward last night in the campaign's only gubernatorial debate. Hayward initially came out swinging, taking pot shots at Florrick's dicey record on race in his time in the S.A.'s office. Florrick seemed to be fine taking the body blows as he daydreamed, contemplating his acceptance speech.

Florrick must've hit the Keurig machine during the brief break, because the second half gave us the Peter of old. Yee-haw! His strong showing finally revealed the experience gap, with the seasoned veteran dominating the rest of the debate. Fresh off this victory, the Florrick campaign landed another KO against the Feds, who dropped charges against his campaign mastermind, Eli Gold. With Eli Gold back in his corner, growling orders at him like Mick, Florrick is setting his eyes on the title fight with Mike Kresteva for Governor of Springfield.