posted March 8, 2013

The day has come when Chicago's very own, homegrown drug lord, Lemond Bishop, is getting his just desserts. Bishop, arrested by the FBI this past fall, is about to go before federal court. What's that? Murder, you say? And to think, we were expecting something as small as tax evasion – what's more Chicago than that? But with a murder charge against the Scourge of Chicago, we’re sure the federal judge is sizing up which Tolstoy-sized tome to throw at him.

The Wretch of West Adams, the Scalawag of the South Side (as the Irish know him) has been filling the streets with narcotics for years now, all the while claiming to be an upstanding businessman. After engaging and winning in a brutal turf war two years ago, and with hundreds of deaths connected to his organization, the Reprobate of Roseland is finally going away. As expected, Bishop is pulling out the stops too, hoping that the mere presence of his attorney, St. Alicia Florrick and her marriage to the city’s top prosecutor will be enough to paint him in a positive light. A last desperate attempt of a despicable criminal who is finally going to get all that's coming to him. Schthook-tuh – (that's us spitting in his general direction).