posted March 18, 2013

But what of Jordan Karahalios, the wunderkind brought in at the eleventh hour to reset the course of the flagging Florrick campaign? We imagined him at the Signature Room at the top of the Hancock looking down on his burgeoning empire, savoring his moment of victory.

Insiders paint a different story, however, telling our intrepid political reporter that the campaign atmosphere grew tense when Eli Gold returned to the campaign and Karahalios stayed aboard. The two repeatedly clashed over strategy, and in the end, Florrick went with the advice of his main squeeze and Golden Boy over the opinion of a man who wore a knit beanie to work. Huh. Go figure. Rumor is that Eli Gold set Jordan up for the fall, but no one can pinpoint exactly how. No fingerprints? Ah, the Gold standard..

But with a new political enemy as shrewd as he is baby-faced, Eli better keep looking over his shoulder. Something tells us this guy’s just getting started.