posted March 29, 2013

Nearly one month after Illinois Supreme Court Justice Roger Ludwig took his fateful spin on an icy road, rumors are flying about who will take the justice’s seat. The winner of the Illinois governor’s race - currently too close to call - will strongly influence the choice of judicial nominee. Insiders are watching both the Florrick and Kresteva campaigns for clues as to potential nominees.

The campaigns, in turn, are hoping to raise donations by unofficially leaking their top choices. Reports have Peter Florrick approaching attorney Diane Lockhart of Lockhart Gardner for the spot, in the hopes of strengthening his support among women voters. Diane Lockhart has been friendly with the Florrick camp, most recently helping him prep for his lethal debate against Dem upstart Maddie Hayward. And of course, it is Diane Lockhart who hired his wife when she was forced to return to the workforce because her husband was… indisposed, sure let’s go with that, at the time. Looks like Lockhart’s favor could be getting repaid in spades.

What do you think, readers? Do you like the idea of Diane Lockhart on the bench? Who’s your pick for the empty Illinois Supreme Court seat?