posted November 5, 2012

Looks like Maddie "Like a Boss" Hayward took that Helen Reddy Spotify mix she made to heart, announcing her candidacy for Governor of Illinois at a press conference earlier this morning.

But what of her fledgling friendship with her opponent's wife, Alicia Florrick? Ouch. Tough to stay gal pals when you're slugging it out with your friend's husband. And now that we have an actual race on our hands, we're wagering the mudslinging will start any second and get all over Alicia's nice new suit.

If we were the cynical types (who, us?), we might even suspect that Maddie had gone out of her way to befriend Florrick's missus and disarm her into giving up some potential ammo. Not that Alicia needs to give her anything; the man of the house is doing just fine in that department...