posted November 19, 2012

It's that time of year. Changing colors. The chill sweeping through Chicago. You can't help but feel the magic in the air as Illinois campaigns throw out any talk of issues and return to what they do best. Silly season is here again!

This latest installment features Grace Florrick, daughter of gubernatorial candidate Peter Florrick, getting smartphOWNED by a tracker capturing her taking a break from her trig class.

So what do we have here? Could she possibly be cutting class in order to work on a science fair project, testing the age-old question, "Can cigarette smoke mask the pungent scent of adolescent pheromones?"

While there are no campaign fingerprints on the video, it's assumed that Republican candidate Mike Kresteva's people are behind this. Congratulations, Oppo Research! You succeeded in catching a teenager playing hooky with the school's bad boy. What you lack in your ability to dig up dirt you make up for with your pitches for adorable romcoms we would love to waste a Saturday afternoon watching.

To the Kresteva Oppo Research Team or whoever is behind this we beg you: Give us more! Chicago needs its very own version of The Hills. Privacy of minors be damned we're hooked and can't wait for episode two!