posted November 26, 2012

We hate being right all the time. But before we left the office last week to stuff ourselves silly, we predicted that activist Jeremy Breslow was hunting down a case that he could take before SCOTUS.

One wrinkle we couldn't have foreseen (and blame entirely on the tryptophan): Breslow zeroing in on Lockhart-Gardner's super sexy tax fraud case. Only Breslow could take taxes and twist it into a fight against the Defense of Marriage Act. But something must've gone wrong in the proceedings, because days later he offered this very out-of-character quote in a primetime interview:

"Not every case is built for the Supreme Court. Sometimes, you just have to win it. And that's what I decided here... We discussed the possibility of a test case, but in the final analysis, Mr. Lamborne's freedom was key."

Sounds like posturing to us. We guess somebody didn't get the pretty little Supreme Court case he's been writing Santa about...