posted December 15, 2010

Last night�s debate among the three State�s Attorney candidate -- yeah, we only remember one thing about it too. The Moment. You know the one we�re talking about. The one which guarantees that all future Chicago political debates will be broadcast with a 7-second delay. (Which, considering the upcoming mayoral debates, is probably just good thinking.)

The weather was freezing, the viewer response lukewarm, until Peter Florrick�s blistering response a moderator�s prying question made him a hero to every middle schooler who was watching the debate for homework. And to their parents as well, it seems. Last night�s post-debate polling indicates that Florrick�s furious F-bomb rehabilitated his image more than months of meekly appearing before women�s groups and church congregations has.

Florrick�s overnight jump in the polls leaves us wondering if one furious finish will lead to another one at the polls. What do you all think? Did Peter Florrick�s F-bomb change your opinion of the man?